Reading list 2012

January - Knight's Cross, A Life of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel by David Fraser

January - The Last Lecture by Randy Paucsh Professor, Carnegie Mellon with Jeffrey Zaslow

January - American Sniper, The Autobiography of the most lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History by Chris Kyle, Scott McEwen and Jim DeFlice

February - A Devil Is Waiting by Jack Higgins

February - War of the World views by Ken Ham, Bodie Hodge, Carl Kerby, Jason Lisle, Stacia McKeever, David Menton, Terry Mortenson, Georgia Purdom, & Mike Riddle 

February - Kill Shot by Vince Flynn

February - Mr. Monk is Miserable by Lee Goldberg

February - The Double-Cross System by J.C. Masterman

March - Chosen By God by R.C. Sproul

March - The Thief by Clive Cussler and Justin Scott

May - Hard Measures: How Aggressive CIA Actions After 9/11 Saved American Lives by Jose Rodriguez, Jr.

May - Your Eternal Reward: Triumph and Tears at the Judgment Seat of Christ by Erwin W. Lutzer

May - The Amateur by Edward Klein

May & June - Secret Missions by Michael Gannon

July - Pastor To Pastor, Tackling the Problems of Ministry by Erwin Lutzer

July - The Serpent of Paradise, The Incredible Story of How Satan's Rebellion serves God's Purposes by Erwin Lutzer

July - Making the Best of a Bad Decision, How to put your regrets behind you, embrace grace, and move toward a better future by Erwin Lutzer

July - Black List by Brad Thor

August - Murder at Wrigley Field by Troy Soos

November - The Last Man by Vince Flynn
























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