Two days before the 1980 election...

my little sister Pam and I went to the Dayton, Ohio International Airport and saw Ronald Reagan two days before he was elected president.  We also saw actor Robert Conrad, best known as the star of my all-time favorite TV show...THE WILD WILD WEST.  I got to shake Governor Reagan's hand that day.  Keep in mind that these pictures have gone through a LOT.  They are from footage from a Super 8mm camera that was later converted to VHS in the early 1990s and that was then converted to DVD in 2008 and then...taken a screen shot with my cheap cell phone and put into this site.

Ronald Reagan two days before the historic 1980 election.  That is Ohio Governor Rhodes in the back ground to the left.


                                         Actor Robert Conrad warming up the crowd before Gov. Reagan appeared.  Mr. Conrad was making some interesting comments about Governor Reagan's main opponent, President Jimmy Carter.


RC behind the stage before or after his speech (it has been over 28 years so I can't remember exactly).  He saw my little camera and waved/saluted to me.


                                                                                                                         More of RC's warm up speech

A Dayton, Ohio TV News Anchor.  Note his stylish 1970s gigantic eyeglasses.

News guys covering the event

More news guys with their 1980 haircuts


                                            Dayton area high school cheerleaders warming up the crowd before Robert Conrad and Ronald Reagan took the stage.


Two flight attendants from the Reagan/Conrad airplane enjoying being so close to an 18 year old me...or maybe it was RC and/or Reagan that they were excited about. 
























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